Saturday roundup

Somewhat of an off-weekend here at JBJ, since one of us was in flight most of the time. Currently still in flight, from Seattle to Atlanta. So, since AirTran made it so easy to steal the internet, let’s delve into the weekend that was, along with a little whiskey-coke and some pretzels. The only way … Continue reading

Saturday Roundup: Does anybody want it?

Going back to look at notes from yesterday, one thing became clear: more teams hurt themselves yesterday than helped. The ACC is no longer leaderless, but will remain national championship-less. As will the Big Ten. And Pac-10. Speaking of the Pac-10, the league is in disarray. It may be as competitive as it has been … Continue reading

Conference Previews: Pac-10

USC and everybody else. Across America the perception of the Pac-10 is the Pete Carroll show in L.A. and no other real teams of consequence. A couple of years ago LSU’s Les Miles said as much when he joked that the Trojans will play “knock down drag outs” with Stanford, Washington and Oregon State on … Continue reading

JBJ Sports. Welcome.

Here we have comprehensive coverage of athletics, from Seattle to Tampa and everywhere in between (probably outside that realm too, but that just sounded good, like the worst Seahawks/Bucs road trip). You’ll get previews, news, opinion, top-25 polls and the occasional rants.