New Years Day Picks

Happy New Year. Usually the best bowl day of the year, this one should be no different. Auburn is already on the way to blowing out Northwestern…alright, so maybe not quite a blowout yet, but soon. The second batch of bowl picks was more successful, with four wins, but I still would not have been … Continue reading

College Basketball Preview: Big Ten

One team in picking up right where it left off. Another team is building quickly on last season. One other team is hoping to take a big leap. Everyone else is hoping to stay above water. Welcome to the Big Ten. Michigan State comes off a trip to the national championship game, by gearing up … Continue reading

Saturday scores, stories

Call it the day the Big Ten and Pac-10 imploded. Stanford just finished up dropped 51 points on Oregon in a game that just made the top of the conference a jumbled mess. Every team now has at least one loss, with Arizona and Oregon sitting at the top with one each. Arizona had the … Continue reading

Weekend Wrapup

Yes, Woody Paige said, “we didn’t know whether the Broncos were for real or for fake.” Weird day here as we celebrate the life of a man who never set foot on this content – well, 28 states and DC do. Will Philly celebrate with champagne? We’ll see. For now, let’s take a look at … Continue reading

Saturday Roundup: Does anybody want it?

Going back to look at notes from yesterday, one thing became clear: more teams hurt themselves yesterday than helped. The ACC is no longer leaderless, but will remain national championship-less. As will the Big Ten. And Pac-10. Speaking of the Pac-10, the league is in disarray. It may be as competitive as it has been … Continue reading

CFB Preview: Week 4

Already? This is going way to fast. But at the same time it’s getting even more fun. Some programs are going to have to start questioning their scheduling practices if, after beating up patsies, they are going to show their true colors and lose in conference. Not USC. They play tough. That was more a … Continue reading

Conference Previews: Big-10

The conference that everyone likes to pick on, the Big-10, has 11 teams from awful to pretty good, with no one great. Really one of these teams is going to have to stop embarrassing the conference in the biggest bowl game (back-to-back championship game losses, followed by a poor showing in the 2009 Rose Bowl) before they ever get respect outside of Ohio State and the occasional other team. Michigan being both bad and a laughing stock really hurts. A conference championship game would help too.