Bears, Cutler pull OT upset

For a minute, or several really, it looked the ageless wonder was going to do it again. His team came out as flat as it ever has, his line couldn’t block a lick and he couldn’t hold onto a hard, frozen football. No matter. He is Brett Favre. But tonight, he was outdone by Jay … Continue reading

Monday Links

Late start to the day, but here now and ready for the best football week of the year. Will also have updated bowl picks and rankings today. So stay tuned. To the links: Brett Favre plays in Chicago tonight. Interestingly, cold weather has not been his best friend… Continue the downfall of the Washington Redskins. … Continue reading

Morning Links

At least the east coast part of us has been out for a few days, buried beneath about two feet of snow. But sports didn’t stop and we’re catching up. Here’s what is going on: Oregon State got thumped by BYU last night and a Beavers’ writer asks, “what’s next.” Call it a letdown for … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Double steal

Maybe the Phillies should stop hitting people. Or maybe they should switch it up from Brad Lidge. Because the Yankees did work in the 9th to take command of the World Series. In other news, Brett Favre threw four TD passes in Green Bay – for the Vikings – and “the big one” didn’t quite … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: A World Series matchup

The Yankees finally got the job done, dispatching the sloppy, hapless Angels in game six last night, to earn the team’s 40th AL Pennant. Is a 27th World Series title in the offing? Philadelphia announced that Cliff Lee will start in game one on Wednesday, meaning there will be a matchup of what could have … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Who dat?

Supplanting an exhilarating day of NFL football was the release of the first BCS poll of the year, with Florida perched at the top. The New England Patriots dropped 59 on Tennessee. And who dat say dey gonna beat them Saints? Not the Giants. Eli, you’re going to be tempted to drown your sorrows on … Continue reading

The 10th Inning:

Evidently there is a big football game happening tonight. The Vikings and the Packers. Some guy named Brett Favre playing against his former team. Maybe you’ve heard. But other big things are happening too! Another Minnesota team, the Twins, are being bumped from their stadium for that football game, causing their one-game playoff with the … Continue reading