Bears, Cutler pull OT upset

For a minute, or several really, it looked the ageless wonder was going to do it again. His team came out as flat as it ever has, his line couldn’t block a lick and he couldn’t hold onto a hard, frozen football. No matter. He is Brett Favre. But tonight, he was outdone by Jay … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: TGIF (Especially for Jay)

To say there was absolutely nothing pretty about last night’s NFL game, well, that would be an understatement. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a pretty moment, even if they only other option was watching a one-sided college game in Jersey. So that must mean, wait, the 10th Inning watched the NBA last … Continue reading

Bears sign Cutler to 2-year extension

ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that the Chicago Bears have signed quarterback Jay Cutler to a two-year extension. The new contract adds $30 million to his current deal, $20 of which is guaranteed. With his new contract added to the one he signed as a rookie, Cutler stands to make about $50 million in the … Continue reading