New Years Day Picks

Happy New Year. Usually the best bowl day of the year, this one should be no different. Auburn is already on the way to blowing out Northwestern…alright, so maybe not quite a blowout yet, but soon. The second batch of bowl picks was more successful, with four wins, but I still would not have been … Continue reading

Morning Links

There is sure to be some fallout from a particular rivalry game last night, but maybe even worse down in Big D. Here are today’s links: One writer calls Tim Tebow the “last righteous man standing.” Time for Tiger Woods’ sponsors to start falling. Life is getting pretty rough in New York and in Dallas. … Continue reading

Cincinnati, Pike come back for Big East title

A Championship team did what championship teams do. Got the job done when it counted. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh stood in stunned silence as Cincinnati marched down the field four times in the second half, after once trailing 31-10, to beat Pitt 45-44 in the de facto Big East championship game. The Bearcats keep their … Continue reading

Championship Weekend Preview

Wake up. That regular season long nap you’ve been taking, it’s time to pick your head up. If the thunderous crash of USC and Oklahoma to mediocrity didn’t already set off your alarm, then the loudness of Autzen Stadium must have on Thursday night. But, assuming you hit the snooze button, there promises to be … Continue reading

Pike to start at QB Friday

Tony Pike will start at quarterback for No. 5 Cincinnati on Friday against Illinois, coach Brian Kelly said Monday. Pike has not started since injuring his left forearm in the Oct. 15 win at South Florida. He made a brief appearance in the Nov. 13 victory over West Virginia, tossing two touchdown passes in four … Continue reading

Friday night pick

The “must be a Big East” pick. After all, what other conference plays on a Thursday and Friday in the same week. And who else would it be, but West Virginia, the team whose coach once said they would play anywhere, anytime on ESPN, because the network “made West Virginia”. That last part was probably … Continue reading