Ingram becomes Alabama’s first Heisman winner

In what was the closest race ever, Mark Ingram became the first Alabama player to win a Heisman trophy. The award was announced Saturday night in New York City. Ingram gave a tear-filled address to the crowd, even thanking the teachers at Alabama, as he stood in front of many past Heisman winners, looking out … Continue reading

Alabama dominates Florida for SEC title

The expressions on the face of Tim Tebow said it all. His team was being handled in every aspect in his last SEC football game and more importantly the one that would decide the first representative in the national championship game. It would not be Florida. On this day there would be no comeback. No … Continue reading

Championship Weekend Preview

Wake up. That regular season long nap you’ve been taking, it’s time to pick your head up. If the thunderous crash of USC and Oklahoma to mediocrity didn’t already set off your alarm, then the loudness of Autzen Stadium must have on Thursday night. But, assuming you hit the snooze button, there promises to be … Continue reading

Rivalry Week – What We Learned

Thanksgiving. Endless food. Rivalry football games. Top that. You can’t. If there is one thing about the rivalry weekend that is certain, it is that nothing is certain. Just ask the ACC. We’ll start out east, in Carolina, with what we learned.

College Basketball Previews: SEC

There’s a saying in the SEC: “Basketball? Everyone knows basketball starts in January.” The truth of this cannot be understated as the conference is in no hurry to start playing one of its worst sports. That said, its marquee team is finally back. An NIT-invitee last season, Kentucky is a consensus top-5 team right now, … Continue reading

Saturday roundup

Somewhat of an off-weekend here at JBJ, since one of us was in flight most of the time. Currently still in flight, from Seattle to Atlanta. So, since AirTran made it so easy to steal the internet, let’s delve into the weekend that was, along with a little whiskey-coke and some pretzels. The only way … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Who dat?

Supplanting an exhilarating day of NFL football was the release of the first BCS poll of the year, with Florida perched at the top. The New England Patriots dropped 59 on Tennessee. And who dat say dey gonna beat them Saints? Not the Giants. Eli, you’re going to be tempted to drown your sorrows on … Continue reading

Florida tops first BCS, Alabama AP

It’s only October, but already there is a split in the polls. This time, the two teams will likely decide it on the field, at some point. Sunday marked the release of the first BCS standings of the season and Florida (.988) top the poll, by virtue of being the top-ranking team in all three … Continue reading

CFB Preview, Week 6: Tebow back?

Will he play, or will he be smart. Referencing Tim Tebow of course. For those of you who don’t watch sports television (honestly, often it’s good to avoid listening if you have any experience in athletics), Steve Young today talked about the aftereffects of a concussion. Young ought to know a little something about this. … Continue reading

Saturday Wrapup

Da U. Say what you want about the extensive coverage, here and everywhere else, given to a team that probably does not have real national championship hopes, but it’s Miami. Come on. How do you not get excited about them? Jacory Harris threw interceptions on the ‘Canes first two drives, then came back to complete … Continue reading