Wednesday Links

Obviously the biggest news of the day is coming out of Lubbock, Texas, where Mike Leach has been fired as the head coach at Texas Tech. This is situation already has gotten worse before it gets better. One writer predicts Leach will land on his feet. Remember, he was a coveted coach last season. Of … Continue reading

2009 Top Ten Sports Stories

Well 2009 was, or still is for a couple of days. And the way news has gone this year, specifically in the last couple of months, the biggest story of the year will probably happen tomorrow. For now though, as the decade comes to an end, let’s take a look back at the biggest stories … Continue reading

Monday Links

Late start to the day, but here now and ready for the best football week of the year. Will also have updated bowl picks and rankings today. So stay tuned. To the links: Brett Favre plays in Chicago tonight. Interestingly, cold weather has not been his best friend… Continue the downfall of the Washington Redskins. … Continue reading

Post-Christmas Links

The rain has washed away the snow, the football is back and there’s a basketball team in the Pac-10 that is beating people…anything goes in the last week of the year. Is Philip Rivers the best quarterback of the ’04 draft? More troubling brewing in Washington. It has to make one wonder why the ‘Skins … Continue reading

Christmas Eve Links

Only update today as holiday events call. Tomorrow promises to be fun, with family and sports. A Merry Christmas to all: Much has been made recently of ESPN’s handling of scandals. A take from inside the Worldwide Leader. A remembrance of those we lost in 2009. The University of Indiana covers the 10 most compelling … Continue reading

Morning Links

At least the east coast part of us has been out for a few days, buried beneath about two feet of snow. But sports didn’t stop and we’re catching up. Here’s what is going on: Oregon State got thumped by BYU last night and a Beavers’ writer asks, “what’s next.” Call it a letdown for … Continue reading

Morning Links

Bowl season is underway, apparently somebody is gonna be dem Saints, and the Bengals play a tough, tough football game today. Wyoming took down Fresno State in two overtimes to open the bowl season. Dallas picked up a huge win against the Saints — in December no less — to end New Orleans’ perfect season. … Continue reading


A few Friday night links… Things have been rough in Tennessee for their first year head coach. A tragic end to the troubled life of Chris Henry/ The Mariners continue to deal, with their latest netting a troubled outfielder. Clearly the Fiesta Bowl should stay away from politics. Apparently the Raiders will be in the … Continue reading

Morning Links

Little bit of a slow day yesterday, but there is some news just about everywhere as we move into Wednesday. Here’s what we’re reading: This is why Jay Mariotti is the most ridiculous writer in sports. Hard to imagine that Phillies offense, along with two all-star starters, will allow them to be also-rans. New Orleans … Continue reading

Morning Links

Some huge basketball games across the country yesterday are followed up by one mega, and not so Civil, rivalry game tonight. So, fitting to start with a few takes from the state of Oregon. One blogger says the Beavers hope they don’t relive last year’s mess. The two beat writers break down the game. Speaking … Continue reading