Is this a different Cavs team?

It’s now 22 games or so into the season, which is more than a quarter of the way through. What does that mean? It means it’s time to dig around the leagues for some trends that might not hold true in the long run, but are sure entertaining to ponder with a decent sample size … Continue reading

Will a woman be in the NBA soon?

Perhaps you’ve heard about NBA commissioner David Stern’s interesting comments concerning the possibility of women playing in the NBA. The statement in question came from an article by’s Ian Thomsen, which can be found at this link. Stern says he thinks there’s a good possibility that we could see women in the NBA within … Continue reading

Kobe banks it in……disgusting

Oh, Kobe, you were so freaking close. In the wake of his ridiculous, logic-defying, physics-confounding, completely and utterly unfair running bank 3-pointer to beat poor Dwayne Wade and the heart-broken Miami Heat, No. 24 decided to come clean. “It was the luckiest shot I’ve ever taken, by far,” he told the Associated Press. Thank God. … Continue reading

Celts cruise to win in San Antonio

Boston went into San Antonio and showed exactly why it has a good chance to make it back to The Finals this summer. Kevin Garnett was big again with 20 points, seven boards and five assists, and the Celts used their trademark defense to force 18 SA turnovers and hold the Spurs to 42 percent … Continue reading

NBA Roundup

With nothing to ground-breaking happening at the moment, here are a few little tidbits from around the league. LeBron not so sure about the dunk contest LeBron James is apparently not so pumped about the dunk contest anymore, deciding to bring his interest level down to a tentative “50-50.” Just two letters for LeBron to … Continue reading

Nets all alone….at the bottom

Give the Nets a little credit — at least they’re original. They didn’t cop out and just tie the record for season-opening losses, choosing to share their epic level of futility with another team. Nope, they went for the glory. 0-18, an NBA record. Since they now have a couple good chances to break the … Continue reading

Iverson coming home to Philly

AI to Philly. Give it a second. Mull your mind over it a few times, and let it sink in a little. AI to Philly….. Just sounds right, doesn’t it? Allen Iverson was never a Nugget. Never a Piston. Lord knows he was never a Grizzly, which he probably realized about five minutes into his … Continue reading

NBA Power Rankings Week 6

#1) L.A. Lakers (14-3): Haven’t had the toughest schedule yet with so many home games, but getting it done. Upcoming road trip will be a test. Artest seems to be fitting in OK, but is this team that much better, and can Kobe make them want it as much as him again? #2) Boston (14-4): … Continue reading


In case you had forgotten, this is why you’ll be telling your kids about Steve Nash 15 years from now. By then the NBA will undoubtedly be taken over by the LeBron effect, and the debates will be raging as to where he, Kobe and MJ stand among the greatest all-time. And as far as … Continue reading

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