The 10th Inning: Who Dat — Again

Was there another team in the Superdome on Monday night? It surely wasn’t the New England Patriots. The great, Bill Belichick-led Patriots. That unbeatable quarterback Tom Brady. And for Pete sakes, didn’t they used to have Randy Moss? Not last night. Last night, New Orleans was unbeatable. Could Bobby Bowden be done at Florida State … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: The rematch

At the outset of this, one thing should be noted: we tend to stay away from “tabloid” stories. The lead to this Monday’s 10th Inning was going to be about the statement Tiger Woods made Sunday about his crash. We will still link to stories about it since it is interesting to many sports fans. … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Two legends

It was unanimous for Albert Pujols, as he won another NL MVP award. And that’s all there is to say about that. Abe Pollin was the Washington, D.C. sports scene for some time, owning the Bullets/Wizards and Capitals, as well as building two different arenas, one that completely revitalized downtown. He died yesterday. And most … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Almost unanimous

Joe Mauer everyone. This is what baseball used to be about. The hometown boy, playing for the hometown team, in the toughest position on the field, leading them. We call that: Most Valuable Player. Except in Detroit, apparently, where keg stands do the trick. Speaking of minor travesties, did anyone notice that two top-10 teams … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Greatness that you’ve never heard of

Okay, so maybe you have heard of him. Maybe you read his name in this space not long ago, compared to Tiger, Roger and Henry to make it a round Gillette commercial. What Jimmie Johnson did yesterday was become immortal in racing history. Touch that Jeff Gordon. You know who didn’t hit immortality? The Redskins … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: ‘Cuse and the Hand of Shame?

Just because soccer is not highly respected on this blog anyway, it gets relegated to second. So first, did anyone see Syracuse serving notice on the country last night? And maybe Cal serving notice on the Pac-10 that, hey, we really are not that good. Okay, now soccer. Yes, Henry cheated. No, the ref didn’t … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Hoopaholic

Who said Tuesday was more boring that Wednesday. Yesterday was so slow that NBA basketball was on all night long at the 10th Inning house. Yep, the Cavs and Wizards got into it on Wednesday night right before Dallas and San Antonio played for the 2,483,954 in the last 10 years. Do those teams play … Continue reading

The 10th Inning

Ah, Wednesday, the absolutely worst day for sports news in the week. Really, what happens on Tuesday worth talking about? Even a 24-hour college basketball party seems lame when it happens on a Tuesday. Even Memphis showing the country that “Memphis is still here.” Or Gonzaga doing the same thing, in East Lansing. Boy, that … Continue reading

The 10th Inning

If you were wondering just what Kentucky was getting for their sure-fire future NCAA investigation-causing freshman, you saw last night when the Wildcats escaped disaster. The Cleveland Browns, per their usual weekly status, did not avoid disaster and just in case you have some time off today, ESPN is ready to tipoff your college basketball … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: Big Gamble

The headline on says it all this morning: “Bill Gambles … Colts win.” And so went the heavyweight matchup that early looked to be a TKO by the Patriots. Split decision at worst, major comeback at best as the Colts rallied for the win. Did you find yourself interested, for no apparent reason, in … Continue reading