New Years Day Picks

Happy New Year. Usually the best bowl day of the year, this one should be no different. Auburn is already on the way to blowing out Northwestern…alright, so maybe not quite a blowout yet, but soon.

The second batch of bowl picks was more successful, with four wins, but I still would not have been bowl eligible. So we’re at it again, on what is sure to be a bittersweet day for college football.

Gator Bowl: #18 West Virginia vs. Florida State: It is hard to even write about this game. As frustrating as the final few years have been, Bobby Bowden is a pillar of college football. That they were able to set this game up between his two teams is one of the victories of the bowl system. Simply put, Bowden is one of the five best to ever coach this game. The outcome of the game itself is largely irrelevant. That said, if Florida State wins, giving Bowden his 389th, it would be one heckuva way to finish his 39-year head coaching career.

West Virginia 28, Florida State 21

Capital One Bowl: #11 Penn State vs. #13 LSU: A hard game to read. You’re talking about a Penn State team that wasn’t as good as everyone thought it was, against an LSU team with losses to two of the top three teams in the country and Ole Miss. When Les Miles is involved, anything can happen. LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson is still young, but no one really is once bowl season comes around. The Penn State defense will contain some of LSU’s offensive athleticism, but, just like is always the case when the Big Ten plays the SEC, the defense of LSU will just prove too much to handle for Penn State.

LSU 17, Penn State 10

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Cincinnati: The end of an era. There really is no other way to describe a game that will be the last college appearance of Tim Tebow and quite possibly Urban Meyer, at least for some time. Saturday morning will be the first one A.T., something no one is really prepared for. Without the Heisman trophy, two national championships and SEC records, Tebow would still have changed college football. The promise. The off-the-field generosity and missions. The attitude toward his life and his sport. His respect and love for the University of Florida. And his relationship with his head coach, were things that are rarely seen in sports at any level. With Tebow in his final game, playing for the health of Meyer, Kirk Herbstreit was right: Cincinnati has no chance. Oh, and that was before their head coach left the Bearcats.

Florida 38, Cincinnati 17

Rose Bowl: #8 Ohio State vs. #7 Oregon: Amazingly, despite all of its Big Ten championships, Ohio State has not played in the Rose Bowl this decade. Playing in the national championship game all of those times was one of the causes, as were a couple of ties. Now, the Buckeyes are back, against a team that is superior to them athletically on both sides of the bowl. Jeremiah Masoli is a better runner than Terrelle Pryor and the Duck spread option is executed better than the business-like, ultra-conservative Jim Tressel system. This is not a game where Tressel can afford to control the clock. It won’t work. And when it doesn’t, Oregon will pile up point quickly.

Oregon 29, Ohio State 19

One Response to “New Years Day Picks”
  1. andyandvickie says:

    I can’t believe Oregon lost. I thought that was a total gimme.

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