Kobe banks it in……disgusting

Oh, Kobe, you were so freaking close.

In the wake of his ridiculous, logic-defying, physics-confounding, completely and utterly unfair running bank 3-pointer to beat poor Dwayne Wade and the heart-broken Miami Heat, No. 24 decided to come clean.

“It was the luckiest shot I’ve ever taken, by far,” he told the Associated Press.

Thank God. Enough of you Adam Morrisons (remember Gonzaga vs. Oklahoma State on national TV) trying to act like you called it, you were going for the glass…blahblahblahblah we can’t hear you because the BS is too loud.

Kobe hit the jackpot on Friday night.

Just say you’re lucky. You weren’t trying to do it, didn’t even think of hitting the glass and if you’re truthful, have actually never tried to bank  anything over 19 feet.

But then Kobe kept going.

“It felt good, (but) I just couldn’t believe this ball might go in on this shot.”

Felt good? FELT GOOD? Lordy. Since when has anything that hits glass (i.e. Would be an airball if it wasn’t from straight on) “felt good.”

What a terrible way to end a game.  Wade is required to say exactly what he did afterwards – great players make great shots, you like your chances when that happens, etc.

But read between the lines: they should be required to give us that victory, and banked jumpers are the devil’s work.

Agreed, but alas, that is the craziness of sports and the reason we keep watching and yelling and kicking things and screaming for joy when it’s our team that banks in the winner. That doesn’t make it right, but to use the cliche-est of all sports cliches, it is what it is.

But what a downer for Wade, who had his team come out flat the night before against Denver and has carried them to the brink of a big victory on the road before Kobe pulls out a rabbit. Tough break for the Heat, though perhaps it was just karma coming back around after Wade’s recent Orlando airball that Michael Beasley dunked home for the winner.

In the night’s other supernatural happening, the Nets managed to finally win a game. And yes, the rumor is that there was actually another team on the court. Should beating the Charlotte Bobcats actually count….another question entirely. Still, a nice game from Brook Lopez (31 and 14).

Another nice road win for the Celts, too, against an improved Thunder team.

One Response to “Kobe banks it in……disgusting”
  1. You Suck says:

    You are horrible. Why can’t Kobe say the shot felt good? I know from experience that I think a shot feels good but then come up horribly short or long. Just because it ‘felt’ good doesn’t mean that it had to go in just as it felt.

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