Nets all alone….at the bottom

Give the Nets a little credit — at least they’re original. They didn’t cop out and just tie the record for season-opening losses, choosing to share their epic level of futility with another team. Nope, they went for the glory. 0-18, an NBA record.

Since they now have a couple good chances to break the streak with games against the Bobcats and Knicks, let’s take this chance to assess exactly how terrible this team is.

1) They have an incredible chance to break the record for fewest amount of games played before winning the division becomes mathematically impossible. After 18 games played, they’re currently 14 games out of first place (Boston is 4-14).

2) Their god-awfulness has infected the entire division. The Atlantic is usually subpar to begin with, but Toronto owns second place by a solid 1.5 games with a 7-13 record. The four teams other than the Celts have a combined 16 wins.

3) They’ve turned one of the NBA’s bright rising stars, and one 2008-09’s breakout surprises, Devin Harris, into a sidenote that nobody cares about. Plus they’ve infected him, too, since he’s currently shooting 36.1 percent and less than 20 percent from downtown.

4) Tonight’s record-setting 117-101 loss to Dallas was only their second game over 100 points this season.

The amazing thing is, this team does have a few pieces when you look toward the future. Harris was a stud last year, Brook Lopez is putting up 18.2 and 8.9, and Chris Douglas-Roberts is showing he could be an OK scorer (though it’s hard to tell, since someone has to score on this team). Plus Terrance Williams could develop into a versatile threat, thought it’s hard to know if he can become enough of a scorer to fulfill his potential.

Also, keep in mind that this Nets team has lost its 18 games by an average of 11.33 points. So while it’s an incredible display of terrible basketball, they’re not getting shellacked by 30 every night, either.

But silver lining aside, this is ugly for all involved.


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