NBA Roundup

With nothing to ground-breaking happening at the moment, here are a few little tidbits from around the league.

LeBron not so sure about the dunk contest

LeBron James is apparently not so pumped about the dunk contest anymore, deciding to bring his interest level down to a tentative “50-50.” Just two letters for LeBron to ponder — M.   J. His Airness won two dunk contests (participating in three) when he was still a young buck back in the late 1980s, creating some of his more iconic moments in the process (mainly the free-throw line takeoff that came to adorn an endless number of walls). Even Kobe Bryant did it in 1997. The point is, the great ones do it at least once and usually come out with some memorable moves that stay attached to them for a while. James is quoted as saying he doesn’t know if the contest can go back to its golden years. He’s absolutely right….if the best dunkers of his era aren’t willing to participate.

Have no fear…..

All is right with the world for at least another year — Jerry Sloan will be the Jazz coach in 2010-11. The man has coached the Utah Jazz for about as long as I’ve been alive. In a professional sports world that is constantly based on coaching changes and a “what have you done for me lately” attitude, this is by far one of the more underrated accomplishments out there.

Tonight’s matchups

Excuse the Houston-Golden State yawner and turn to TNT’s doubleheader. Besides the immeasurable entertainment value coming from Charles Barkley, there’s a couple of intriguing gmes on tap.

Boston at San Antonio, 8 p.m. EST — A good chance for the Spurs to finally put one altogether and show that this new Richard Jefferson combination is going to work. Should be an intense game with plenty of good defense for those fans tired of the high-scoring affairs like the 146 Atlanta dropped on the Raptors the other night. Pick: Boston by 5

Miami at Denver, 10:30 p.m. — Fun East vs. West showdown between two of the upper-level contenders in both conferences. Miami has been a tough team to figure out thus far, but perhaps this game will provide a little more clarity. Pick: Denver by 17

–Jesse Baumgartner


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