NBA Power Rankings Week 6

#1) L.A. Lakers (14-3): Haven’t had the toughest schedule yet with so many home games, but getting it done. Upcoming road trip will be a test. Artest seems to be fitting in OK, but is this team that much better, and can Kobe make them want it as much as him again?

#2) Boston (14-4): One number. 30.6. As in the number of minutes Kevin Garnett is playing. If he’s healthy, this team can defend its way back into the Finals.

#3) Orlando (14-4): Vinsanity seems to be fitting in just fine thus far, and the Magic have pulled out some big wins at Boston, at Atlanta and against Phoenix. If they can just get Jameer Nelson to stay healthy, this group is going to be a tough out come playoff time. Not that we don’t all love our daily dose of J-Will.

#4) Atlanta (12-5): Their resume is littered with quality wins thus far, but now they’ve lost three of the last four.

#5) Phoenix (14-4): Nash has this group rolling right now, but check back in when they hit the 40-game mark.

#6) Cleveland (12-5): Good wins at Orlando and Miami. Terrible loss to Charlotte. Good win against the Mavericks. It’s hard to dissect this team too much right now without seeing more of Shaq. Speaking of which, it’ll be interesting to evaluate this period of his career in a few years and see how much he helped these teams when all is said and done.

#7) Denver (13-5): It’s hard not to like this team. A dynamic scorer in Anthony, a defensive spark in Birdman, a quality, veteran point in Billups. Plus, Ty Lawson got put in a perfect situation with this open style of play. Question: How valuable of a piece is J.R. Smith to this team?

#8) Dallas (13-5): The road win against the Lakers is the only thing we really know about this team. Do Marion and Gooden really push them up that much from last season?

#9) Portland (12-5): Oden had definitely improved, but this team hasn’t made the leap that last year suggested might be coming. Perhaps another year away from jumping to the top 6 or so.

#10) San Antonio (9-6): Only here because of a lack of a better team. The Spurs have the pieces but haven’t gelled yet. Give it time, though.


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