Iverson coming home to Philly

AI to Philly.

Give it a second. Mull your mind over it a few times, and let it sink in a little.

AI to Philly…..

Just sounds right, doesn’t it? Allen Iverson was never a Nugget. Never a Piston. Lord knows he was never a Grizzly, which he probably realized about five minutes into his first practice (practice?).  For 10-plus years AI was the 76ers, still is if you’re truthful. No one thinks Andre Iguodala, or Elton Brand (though they might think terrible basketball). It’s AI’s city and has been ever since he stepped out of Georgetown and froze MJ with a crossover kids are still trying to duplicate.

Allen Iverson is coming back to the Sixers after failing to find a home with three other teams.

When you think AI, you don’t think role player with Carmelo or a failed experiment in Detroit. You think Game 1 of the Finals as he steps over Tyronn Lue after icing the game with a sweet baseline jumper. You think 1-on-5 and all the Sixers teams he carried on his back. You think lord-what-a-ball-hog-why-does-he-shoot-so-much-OHMYGOD-HE-JUST-WENT-FOR-58. Yes, he wanted to win, and yes, he tried to sacrifice on those other teams, but there’s no extricating his identity from Philadelphia. So it’s fitting that Iverson finds himself coming back now, with his career winding down and few teams willing to take on a super ego who can’t deal with coming off the bench.

Philly has nothing to lose. They’re a pathetic 5-13, and maybe a little scoring will help right the ship. If not, they’ll still send AI off with a few memorable scoring sprees that remind us of what he was for so long, and how ridiculously amazing it is that he got a team to the Finals in the first place. AI tried to be the wily veteran, the glue guy who gives up a ton to try and finally get his ring. But that’s not him. He made himself by wanting the ball and going for broke with the Sixers year after year despite the lack of talent around him.

AI coming home won’t affect the playoff picture, and probably means little outside of its personal significance in bookmarking the end of his career.  Still, it just feels right.


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