The 10th Inning: Twins-Tigers

Detroit is hosting what is basically a playoff series right now between the Tigers and Twinkies, the president is ready to go get Chicago the Olympics and NBA basketball is about to get a lot more interesting. Yes, the 10th Inning saw game one of that double header go 10 innings. Of course we notice … Continue reading

USC RB Johnson recovering from weights accident

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Southern California tailback Stafon Johnson probably wouldn’t have survived his weightlifting accident without his muscular athlete’s neck, which helped maintain his airway when a weight bar crashed down on it, a doctor said Tuesday. Johnson could communicate non-verbally with his family members and teammates on Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours … Continue reading

CFB Rankings: Week 5

Ballots were all over the place this week. The top three was the same for everyone, but Houston was ranked as high as 10, as low as 20. Cal was unranked in one poll. This is that point in the season where people’s opinions really start to change. Just have to say that Mike loved … Continue reading

The 10th Inning: So this is what $1 billion buys

Tony Romo survived, along with the Cowboys, on Monday Night Football, a strange, freakish and terrifying occurrence in L.A. and speaking of L.A., the Angels clinch their playoff spot with a win over Texas. We’re quickly approaching the 10th Inning of the baseball season, but need to pause for a minute and keep our thoughts … Continue reading

Stafon Johnson taken to hospital following weight room incident

USC senior tailback Stafon Johnson was rushed to the hospital after an incident in the Trojan’s weight room today, a source has confirmed. Johnson was apparently bench pressing when the bar slipped and landed on his throat. He was immediately taken the hospital and rushed into surgery. According to a release from the school, Johnson … Continue reading

The 10th Inning:

Jim Zorn, we hardly knew ye, Brett Favre, how could we ever lose respect for ya and Michael Vick, welcome back. The 10th Inning recognizes major NFL names from the Sunday that was, starting with a former Seahawk quarterback. This may be Zorn’s 10th and final inning. “We Stink.” That is the headline taking up … Continue reading

Saturday Roundup: Does anybody want it?

Going back to look at notes from yesterday, one thing became clear: more teams hurt themselves yesterday than helped. The ACC is no longer leaderless, but will remain national championship-less. As will the Big Ten. And Pac-10. Speaking of the Pac-10, the league is in disarray. It may be as competitive as it has been … Continue reading

Pigskin Preview- Week 3

Welcome back for another round of selections here at JBJ. A 7-9 performance a week ago is going to be brushed off as a sophomore slump as I drop to 19-13 on the young season. Matt Ryan will have to continue his strong sophomore campaign to move the Falcons to 3-0. A number of injuries … Continue reading

CFB Preview: Week 4

Already? This is going way to fast. But at the same time it’s getting even more fun. Some programs are going to have to start questioning their scheduling practices if, after beating up patsies, they are going to show their true colors and lose in conference. Not USC. They play tough. That was more a … Continue reading

The 10th Inning

Another top-5 goes down in Columbia, the Cubbies are cleared to be sold and the curtains may have fallen on the Giants playoff hopes last night. In the 10th Inning we are never upset. Jevan Snead was just 7-of-21 for 107 yards and a touchdown as the South Carolina defense was flat out dominant in … Continue reading